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When you book in for an initial consultation with me, you'll find that I'm calm, fun and spontaneous.  The consultation is about discovering what your talents are and what you want to achieve.   It's a fun session and you'll learn a lot about yourself in the process.   

In regard to your brand development, I offer a quick turnaround at very competitive rates.  I can produce a draft design and initial framework very quickly especially if you've supplied me with professional photos and content.  

I brand you with a multi-channel combination of digital media that includes:

* a stunning website design with functionality that assists your business such as customer relationship management, email marketing, online bookings, payment processing. 

* Facebook business page for you to post to regularly - I can do graphic designs for posts and suggest content ideas for you.

* Instagram feed - with posts designed to look great  

* paid advertising campaigns targetted to your idea customer

Social media marketing campaigns are ongoing as they help to build brand recognition, loyalty and impulse purchases. 

Additionally, for clients who value ongoing support and discussions to help them have clarity in their marketing and services, I offer:

* technical support - including remote desktop service;

* mentoring and transformational coaching to help you clear unconscious blockages and pave your path forward so you can achieve your goals.

A little bit about me to give you an introduction........Australian born and bred, I'm a multi-talented, hands-on creative who loves variety and applying myself wherever I can.  I relish in identifying untapped potential in people and businesses and bringing that to light.   I'm honest and direct in a playful way.  I love enjoying music of all genres and dancing to it too. I also enjoy jogging and exploring trails and travel to new destinations.

I have a varied employment and educational background from marketing through to commercial construction management.   I'm also a horse trainer, healer and I own and run a professional horse stud and equestrian centre that trains horses and riders be amazing, healthy and capable.  I have successfully designed and created all of my own marketing content so I know what works.

I see the universe as fruitfully abundant and I feel very connected to the ebb and flow of nature and cycles of life. 


I also believe we all have potential and it's our responsibility to be grateful for that and apply our capability in the best way possible to contribute to the world in some way.

I'm on a never-ending journey of self-discovery and discovery of the world's beauty and magnificence.   My own brands reflect this state of flux.  I think its essential to keep learning and improving.

The only thing certain in life is change - keep on growing and keep moving.

A Bit About Me 

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